A S H E   D O Y L E


Artist Statement

Artists have always taken inspiration from nature, but our natural world has been much changed and altered dramatically by mankind’s presence and our addiction to through away consumer objects. In Catherine’s work she takes inspiration from the excesses and debris of such destruction with the work challenging our the lack of effort we make to protect and clean up our beautiful earth.

From discarded tumble dyers to fallen trees and car exhausts, all the materials that she use are sourced from her immediate landscapes. Something which has also inspired her is the idea developing a piece of work that celebrates the beauty of nature while simultaneously examining how man-made objects take from that beauty. Therefore, she has tried to combine only these two materials to create her work. These materials are here manipulated by hammering and drilling holes, forging both materials together by force or by bonding with building plaster to create a visually engaging pieces. These sculptures are strengthened by the photographic imagery which coinhabits in the exhibition space. Together they are demonstrating how humans act towards our shared world and Catherine refers to this as ‘photographing the ugly truth’ for example, dumping rubbish has become more common, out of sight out of mind, right? Wrong.

In an age where humanity and our choices to sustain our existence is becoming more urgent, Catherine endeavours to facilitate more conversation on the topic by having an audience visually engage with this work.